Why why?

The question why, is being used very frequently. We can use to question yourself or others. When we use to question ourselves, it helps us to reach the root cause and meaning of the situation. When the others ask you why, they want to know the reason you have to do what you do or say what you say.

But each of us has its own reason, even when the information is the same. So then, is impossible to understand each other using reasoning because our conclusions are different. But to comprehend is a different matter, based on the previous assumption, we comprehend others behaviour.

Then, the people asking why to others are looking for comprehension or judgement? By putting ones reason against the other. Are they looking to start a discussion? Are they looking for fight or for peace?

What shall we answer when we are asked why? Some answers: “Why why?” and “Why not?” These answers pass the ball to the other side.

A person who is looking to comprehend should act differently from asking why. She/he should help to the other to expand him/herself. For example: “Do you want to add something else to the comment/action you just did?” This will help to make a more honest look into the matter.

Leadership is to be harmless, with you and the others. No violence in the action, in the intention and in the discourse. This can be achieved with attentiveness in oneself.

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