Yell out of love

Most of us are made by our elders or by our peers. That´s why a mother acts upon her children the same way her mother acted upon her. Is there a way out?

Every one of us has been yelled at by someone and vice versa. Such displaced emotions punctuate our lives, and diminish them. Understanding is the answer. When you understand, then you know what to do. Can you yell out of love?

There are many people who still do not realize that they hurt with their behaviour, with their words, with what they even think and with what they want.

The Parental messages from childhood, that’s what you will experience. We have to work to get rid of it. Can we free ourselves from automatic response or childhood conditioning? Self-regulation mechanisms eliminate all disqualifying internal dialogues and we are left with the solution. Observation of the thinking process is a task of full time and with no end. Result will come if we practice.

 In the meantime to keep control in our too emotional situation, we can practice with the alternate nostril breathing. This breathing helps to establish equilibrium between the two brain hemispheres. When the brain hemispheres are not in balance, our response to our live events is out of control.

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