Tag: Differ is better?

Be a baby when playing with babies

We all have been babies’ once, so we can be babies again. At least we can act like babies.  Playing with babies is so much fun, for example, to realise how they discover new ways. This learning we can apply to ourselves, if we also became babies while playing with them. For example: When they…
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Same again

Why are repeating the situations in our live? For example, why am I not lasting in my Jobs? Why I am not feeling at easy at my Jobs? Why I am having discrepancies with the superiors at my Jobs? Why I am not matching with the culture in my Jobs? Why are we falling in…
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Whose is the dog outside?

Deep inside we are peace. We as creatures of the nature, we are also in harmony. This is our natural state. Then, whose is the dog outside? Whose is the dog barking all the time? Our life is full of conflicts; any kind of suffering is a reflection of a conflict. Can every conflict be…
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