Interim leader services provide your company with a temporary natural leader to lead the organization, a team, or a project…whatever you require.

Sometimes, there are challenges in the organization that require external support because of the lack of that talent internally at the given moment. Other times the challenge is too big to afford alone. Our interim leader services are being created to cover this situation in the organization.


We only use natural leaders, the ones that to lead others is their life purpose.

We provide the service on site and/or online.


For us leadership consists on creating a vision and bringing it into existence.

To create a vision you need to understand, you can’t create a solution from the level of understanding that created the problem. Enhance perception is a must. The leader sees ways/things that the others can’t see.

To bring into existence you need determination. If you are committed to realize it, sooner or later the rest will follow. The intention transforms, the techniques is just a help. The leaders have the right attitude to achieve the goal.


As Interim plant manager

“With his leadership we surprised headquarters visitants how well we were running our factory in India”

Pradeep Subramanya, Finance Head at MTC India

As Interim project manager

“With his leadership we were delighted as a client, because he always looks for the best of the project.”

Alan Weissman, Project Manager at  US Steel

As Interim plant controller

“With his leadership made us conscious of the changes required in our Indian company. “

Alberto Echeverria, Managing Director at Rinder

As Interim consultant

“With his leadership we removed our reluctance to external support.”

Jorge Cabrera, Owner at Serisan

As Interim kitchen porter

“With his leadership we broke the barriers between the different levels of the organization”

Margaret Bowe, Manager at Marlfield House

As Interim teacher

“With his leadership everybody was making progress, we moved forward as a whole not as individuals”

CNC machining class at FP Urbieta


With an interview we will give you a conceptual diagnosis based on the situation of the organization.