Same again

Why are repeating the situations in our live? For example, why am I not lasting in my Jobs? Why I am not feeling at easy at my Jobs? Why I am having discrepancies with the superiors at my Jobs? Why I am not matching with the culture in my Jobs?

Why are we falling in the same circumstances again and again? Because, we did not learn the lesson beyond the live situation. For example, if you have problems with authority at work and change the job to escape from that situation, the problems with authority will arise also in your new job or in another area of your live, until you learn the live lesson beyond it. This can be, for example, to realize that the authority is doing its best even do you think there is a better way. And instead of criticizing, you should help as part of the organization.

Once you learn the lesson you will free yourself from repeating the circumstances. Until then it doesn`t matter how far you go the situations will keep repeating. Because live is for learning about oneself and it comes with a bunch of lessons.

Chapter from the book: “Differ is better?”.

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